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Laura Kate Roxie Darling (called Roxie by all who know and love her) is a multifaceted artist who finds expansion by constantly teaching herself how to work with new mediums all of the time. 

A Beautician of almost 20 years, she understands what it means to work with people and the sensitivities that come along with considering the way we look. She loves nothing more than to hold her clients hands as they cross through the threshold of transformations big and small. Roxie has a background in creative direction and working with product companies, with this experience came an understanding of the big picture - helping people feel good - and she has learned over the years that this work happens on the ground in the chair with clients in an intimate setting. 

Roxie has decided to officially offer her services as a healing mentor and magical guide with her launch of the magic mentorship program. While this is a new venture, it is a lifelong dream that she’s ready to share with the world.

Roxie, a born and raised New Yorker, moved upstate to Hudson, NY with her partner Kim and their animals in July of 2020 and has not looked back. She truly enjoys being nestled in the upper Hudson Valley in a town filled with successful misfit creatives who have opened small businesses and offer community. On her days when shes not working with clients, she can be found in her art studio painting or sewing, or teaching Hairdressers her signature techniques. 

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